Respite Service

Port Stephens Veterans and Citizens Age Care provide three different types of Respite…

  • Day Centre Respite
  • In Home Respite Care
  • Residential Respite


Day Centre Respite

Fingal Bay & Tanilba Bay

Our Fingal Bay Activity Centre is located in the Bill King Aged Care Facility at Fingal Bay. We have a beautiful light filled room overlooking the Croquet Green which we play on from time to time, games like Bocce or Croquet. Our Tanilba Bay Activity Centre is in King Albert Avenue and it has been specifically modified with a large outdoor area to provide space and comfort for visitors.

Every day is full of different experiences. The day usually starts with our meet and greets then either some gentle chair exercises, a game of Quoits inside followed by morning tea with a Local Newspaper reading and discussion. Often we bake a slice in the morning for afternoon tea.  Pikelets for morning tea are always a hit too.

We might venture outside for a game of Bocce on the lawn before lunch.

Our delicious freshly made hot lunch is served in our room at Fingal Bay by the friendly dedicated Kitchen staff.  At Tanilba Bay our staff and volunteers prepare freshly made sandwiches and fruit platters. After lunch we have a short relaxation session then may play board games and dominoes, with afternoon tea before going home.

This is just a small sample of the things we do, other activities you can look forward to are Garden Walks, Outings for Morning Tea Picnics, Card Games, Bingo or Hoi, Craft Activities, Crosswords, Hangman, Putt Putt Golf just to name a few.

So if you’re sitting at home alone and wishing you had some company, or if you know a Carer who might need a break please call on 4981 4721 to arrange a visit and make some new friends. Transport is available within the Tomaree and Tilligery Peninsular.

Your first visit is complimentary.

Phone: (02) 4981 4721 or 1800 620 356

In Home Respite Care

Community Care

Caring for someone can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. It can also be a rewarding experience. However, from time to time carers may need some extra help and support. This could include respite services for the person you care for – which would allow you to take a break. Respite care can also give the person you care for variety and extra social opportunities.

You might not think of yourself as a carer. In truth many carers see themselves as a family member who looks after a person they love, not as a carer. This means that you may not think to look for, or ask for help.

There are a wide range of services available to help you in your caring role. Whatever the service, it is designed to lend you the support and assistance you may need. It's things like having some extra help and support that may mean you can stay in your caring role for longer.

Phone: (02) 4981 4721 or 1800 620 356

Residential Respite

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre

Many people have a family member or friend who provides care to help them continue living at home.

Carers sometimes need support to keep going.

As a carer you may need a break for a short period. For example, if you or the person you care for is ill or recovering from an illness.

Respite care is a chance for you and the person you care for to take a break.

We provide two Respite rooms at Bill King Aged Care Facility located at Fingal Bay which are Dementia Specific rooms.

We also have one low care room at Harbourside Haven.

Respite Care can be provided to any individual (over the age of 60) who has had an ACCR completed by the Aged Care and Assessment Team.

The Aged Care and Assessment Team can be contacted on Ph:(02) 49257990.

Respite Care is not booked through the individual facilities.

To book a room you will need to contact the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre on:-


1800 052 222



(02) 4924 6098

In Home Respite Care

Day Respite

Phone: 1800 620 356