Mission Statement and Values

Port Stephens Veterans & Citizens Aged Care Mission statement is:

Community Lifestyle, Individualised Care.

The Values of Port Stephens Veterans & Citizens Aged Care define Port Stephens Veterans & Citizens Aged Care non – negotiable behaviours, these values are:

Giving our Best

  • We will always go above and beyond for our people and our work.
  • We will provide exceptional service based on individual consumer’s needs and wants.
  • We will work with honesty and own our mistakes.
  • We will be an advocate for those less vulnerable and stand for what is right.
  • We will be proud of our workplace and our community.

Respect for All

  • We will treat others how we wish to be treated.
  • We will approach others with kindness and compassion.
  • We will respect others dignity and privacy.
  • We will work safely with everyone’s needs in mind.
  • We will respect and celebrate our diversity.

Better Together

  • We will nurture and build each other up.
  • We will be brave and ask for help when needed.
  • We will grow and learn from our faults together.
  • We will communicate effectively and inform others.
  • We will work collaboratively and share our ideas.

Always Improving

  • We will never settle for second best and always strive to be better.
  • We will be fearless and welcome change.
  • We will think big and will not shy away from a challenge.
  • We will be impactful, meaningful and passionate in our work.
  • We will be dedicated to achieving amazing results always.