Retirement Living

Retirement villages offer an accommodation and lifestyle alternative that may suit many people.

Our Retirement Villages

Port Stephens Veterans & Citizens Aged Care Ltd offers retirees over 60 a variety of affordable accommodation close to beautiful beaches, surrounded by nature, and conveniently located to everything you need to keep living the life you enjoy.

Our villages are nestled in three of the most desirable locations in Port Stephens:  Shoal Bay, Fingal Bay and Salamander Bay.

The villages are all within walking distance to some of the best beaches in NSW and conveniently located to health services, entertainment, shopping, cafes / restaurants and public transport.  For those with active interests there are many sporting clubs in the surrounding area, including bowling clubs, tennis clubs, surf clubs and several excellent golf clubs.

Our Retirement Living team will support you throughout the process of moving into and living independently in one of our villages.  We will endevour to make the transition a smooth and stress free experience from beginning to end.  We are passionate about ensuring all of our residents, both new and existing, are able to relax and enjoy their lifestyle choice.  To support our residents in the village, we offer community services and residential services that can provide assistance as your needs change.

What is a Retirement Village?

A retirement village is essentially a Community for seniors. Port Stephens Veterans & Citizens Aged Care is a not for profit Company. Our Retirement Villages provide affordable living, community lifestyle and individualised care.

All three villages have their own committee of advocates, and the village presidents meet with the Board and General Manager on a monthly basis.

Retirement Villages are regulated by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

Port Stephens Veterans & Citizens Aged Care encourage our villa residents to stay in their villa for as long as they wish and are able to. To support this we offer personal services that are available from our Community Services.

If you are interested please apply to the Retirement Living Team:

Phone: (02) 4984 1811

Current villa residents’ thoughts on living in our villages:

“Our house is too big for us to look after on our own, moving into the village has meant that we don’t need to worry about this anymore”

“We feel safe and secure living in this environment”

“Since moving here we have been able to socialize more with many different activities being on offer”

“It is great having so many friends close by, there is always someone there to watch out for you”

“Making the decision to come from our long term family home into a retirement village was a big step, but it was worth it”